Hi there!

My name is Carmen, and I am the person behind Carmiclay. I was born and raised in Switzerland and moved to Massachusetts in late 2016. I grew up in a very creative environment and my parents supported me and my sister in being creative and arts a lot. I did a lot of pottery when I was a kid, but eventually, I ended up studying fashion design and kinda lost track because of my different careers as pretty much everything but a designer. About two years ago I moved from Switzerland to Worcester, because my husband and I decided a long distance relationship is not an option anymore. All the visa paperwork takes some time to go through, and I could not start working right away. This is pretty much a once in a lifetime chance that you end up having a lot of time for yourself. All the gauges are set back to zero and you can start filling your life again with things you love and want to do. I was working a lot (too much) back in Switzerland and my creative hobbies got pushed aside all the time, and I missed it a lot. I decided I pick up pottery again, fell in love with it again, and haven’t stopped since.

I built up my own studio with two fellow ceramicists that I met at a community space in summer of 2018. And since then this is my favourite place to be and where all the magic happens. I create useful and simple things out of clay. Everything is 100% handmade by me. It is very important to me that my pottery is useful, and has a purpose or maybe even more than one. I would never make something that I wouldn’t use. I constantly try to make the shapes more simple and clear. This can be a challenge sometimes when you throw it all by hand. That is also why I am not trying to clone things. Each piece is unique and not mass produced. I like to think about it that I create a family.


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Every piece is handmade by me in my studio in Worcester, MA. I only use lead free glazes.
All my pieces unless otherwise stated in the item description are food safe too.
My pottery is made so that it can be used everyday. It is durable. Don't be afraid to put it in the microwave or dishwasher, but don't put it in a pre heated oven.
If you purchase to of the same kind be aware that shapes and sizes can vary a little bit as all my pottery is handmade. I either throw it on the wheel or hand built. But most of it is thrown in the wheel. I create families not clones.
If you'd like something custom made, please reach out! I'd be happy to look into it and makes dreams come true.
By purchasing a pipe/chillum you agree that you are at least 18 years old and use it legal substances only.

That's it you guys.